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New version of "Girl on the Billboard" now available from DDR recording artist Coby Greer!

Aug 7 | Posted by: The Twang Gang

Del Reeves took "Girl on the Billboard to the #1 spot in 1965. It's been a timeless favorite to many country music fans for the last 50  years. Now the song has gained new wind thanks to Digital Dynamic recording artist Coby Greer. "Ive always loved the song " says Greer " and I always wanted to record it if ever given the opportunity". A light hearted ditty about a trucker who fall s in love with a billboard model "Girl on the Billboard" was originally inspired by an actual model that was used on billboards in the 1960's by the Coppertone Company. "The song is such a fun song to perform onstage" says Greer "I always look forward to playing it at every gig. Plus, there aren't truckin songs anymore like there used to be yet trucks are still runnin up and down the highways everyday". We certainly hope you enjoy this new version as much as we do. "Girl on the Billboard" is now available from Coby Greer at all online stores! do do loo doo doo!

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