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Before Coby Greer took the stage earlier this year in south Georgia he was introduced as "The torch bearer of twang". It's a nickname that has stuck but it's also a torch Coby is proud to carry. When I referenced the moniker he just smiled and said "Well, someone has to do it". Before the first song had came to and end it was obvious that Coby Greer lives to make music. A native of north east Alabama Coby has been playing for audiences since the young age of 14. He formed his first band in junior high and in his words "played every VFW and saddle club in the state. He recieved a music scholarship and studied music/ business but by this time he was recieving a very different education on the road. He was working stages with some of the most influential figures in country music ranging from George Jones, Merle Haggard, Hank Williams Jr, Mel Tillis, Randy Travis, Loretta Lynn, ect. Coby says " working with and around these legends was the best education I could ever ask for ". Coby currently resides in Nashville where over the past few years he has honed his craft as a songwriter and studio singer. "There's nothing more exciting than writing a great song and bringing it to life in the studio. I love Country melodies, lyrics and harmony but I also love the big sound and feel of todays pop music so I dabble with elements of both. I'm just trying to make music that seems fresh yet familiar to the listener. At the end of the day, I just want to be a good singer and write great contempoary music" Coby says. I'd say that Coby is doing just that because with the recent changes that have came about in the music business Coby has emerged as successful recording artist and has amassed a huge online following. "When I first came to Nashville I was told I was "too this" and "too that" but that doesnt seem matter anymore. Thanks to the internet people can find what they want and if the music is good the listener will respond" Says Coby. Well, take it from me; the music is good and people are definately responding. I have no doubt that we will be hearing from Coby Greer for a long time. You can find Coby on I-Tunes, Amazon as well as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @CobyGreerMusic. Follow along and keep up with Coby Greer as he continues keep the twang alive. You wont be sorry... #NewMusicReview

  • CORE NASHVILLE - Coby Greer is a great pleasure to work with. A great artist, great writer, and even better person. We enjoyed our time in the studio with him and we couldnt recommend anyone more. We wish him much success! -Steven Grauberger; CoreNashville


DDR "Coby Greer is an artist completely dedicated to his craft. He writes great songs and delivers them with with the fire and tenacity of his own personality. By drawing from a wide range of influences he offers something different for the listener that may be hungry for something fresh"

Muscle Shoals Music Factory "Coby Greer is one of the finest singer/songwriters I've crossed paths with in my 30 years in the music business" Kerry Gilbert